MERGE Members

Greater Iowa City, Inc. (Greater IC) is a network of business and public sector leaders who collaborate to support local companies, guide investment, and grow a resilient economy.


Executive Podcast Solutions constructs platforms that allow you to reach your clients, customers, peers, prospects, members and the public. They do the building; you do the speaking, just as it should be.


Body by Dre is a fitness and nutrition company based out of Iowa City, IA that provides personal and online training, fitness nutrition, and health coaching.


Protostudios is a state-of-the-art, rapid-prototyping facility housed here at MERGE. They work to develop fully functional prototypes of a customer’s product allowing you to test, redesign, determine manufacturing paths, and demonstrate usability to investors. 

UI Ventures

UI Ventures is a service provided to the faculty, staff, and graduate students at the University of Iowa. Their mission is to support commercialization of innovative University of Iowa technology through spinouts with the goal of enhancing economic development as an extension of research and scholarship.

Tailored Tax & Accounting

Tailored Tax and Accounting is devoted to providing professional services to organizations with lasting legacies. They are dedicated to helping Non-Profits build a reputation of accountability, sustainability, and trust through transparent financial management.

Merge Member Spotlights-2

Anna Spooner is the founder of Rainbow’s Edge, formerly known as Point Content Marketing. She is a full-time professional blogger and copywriter specializing in finance and insurance topics. She can provide your business with fresh ideas that turn readers into leads and leads into clients.

MD Orthopaedics

MD Orthopaedics, Inc, the global leader in Ponseti Method clubfoot orthoses. MD Orthopaedics currently sells their Mitchell Ponseti® and Ponseti® brand products in over 120 countries and has changed the lives of over 300K children to date.


The Center for Industrial Research and Service, aka CIRAS, was created in 1963 to improve the quality of life in Iowa by helping businesses and their communities prosper and grow. Based out of Iowa State University, their Iowa City location is a great addition to our community! 

Merge Member Spotlights

Founded in 1999, Brightidea launched the first-ever online innovation platform in 2005. The platform was designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of any organization’s innovation process. Today, Brightidea’s innovation program management software helps world class organizations by offering a complete suite of capabilities that cover the entire innovation journey.