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NOSH is a delivery service co-op designed to offer restaurant owners and consumers an alternative to the corporate for-profit model of food delivery that charges restaurants unsustainably high commission rates.

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RAMDO: Reliability Analysis & Multidisciplinary Design Optimization, is a software that increases the reliability and robustness of optimized designs for better products and customer relationships.

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Winnow is an inspiring tech company that focuses on food waste reduction and management believing that food is too valuable to waste. MERGE is the North American headquarters for this international company.

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Aelieve is a full service digital marketing company that prides itself on cutting edge technology, a passion for innovation, and affordable digital marketing solutions.

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RDG Planning and Design is in the business of creation. They create systems, plans, sites, buildings, structures, and so much more.

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Edammo is changing the world of AI by providing businesses and private persons with state-of-the-art, real-time predictive analytics. Their software creates optimal conditions for business intelligence and decision making with expertise in data mining, machine learning, and cloud infrastructure. 

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Customer Experience gurus, Journimap, works to create value for the people you’re working to serve. The company has a CX solution for anyone working within a limited budget – smaller teams, nonprofits, startups, social enterprises, and so on.

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The Center for Industrial Research and Service, aka CIRAS, was created in 1963 to improve the quality of life in Iowa by helping businesses and their communities prosper and grow. Based out of Iowa State University, their Iowa City location is a great addition to our community! 

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Protostudioes is a state-of-the-art, rapid-prototyping facility housed here at MERGE. They work to develop fully functional prototypes of a customer’s product allowing you to test, redesign, determine manufacturing paths, and demonstrate usability to investors.